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Smart Batteries
Maximizing battery longevity and power requires all the cells be monitored and balanced, redistributing charge if necessary.

  • Cell balancing, monitoring and protection built into sub-packs
  • Management system connects sub-packs into a single smart battery
  • In-flight charging circuitry and algorithm for solar applications

Power Distribution Boards
We have a ton of experience in designing and testing world-class power distribution boards. Our boards are improving flight efficiency and safety all around the world. Contact us with any questions regarding custom power distribution board design.
PowerSage PMIC
With a real-time systems approach to power management, Packet Digital developed PowerSage®, a family of intelligent power management integrated circuits (PMICs) that monitor an entire system and distribute power only when needed using autonomous dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. This innovative approach has extended battery life up to 400% in wireless sensors and greater than 25% in radios and computer memory and peripherals.
UAS Power Systems
We take a multi-tiered approach to manage power distribution and improve the time your unmanned aircraft stays aloft. Our extended endurance system includes sophisticated Power Management and Distribution (PMAD), smart battery, speed and torque motor control and soaring algorithms. We’ve already doubled flight times in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), but why stop there?

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