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Packet Digital, Botlink featured on KFYR-TV

The solar soaring drone proposal and partnership between Packet Digitial LLC, Botlink LLC, the Naval Research Laboratory, and the N.D. Renewable Energy Council was recently featured on KFYR-TV, the NBC affiliate in Bismarck. See what endless endurance drones could do for North Dakota. Full story.

July 30, 2015

Popular Science explains mapping and chat through Botlink

In aviation news, Popular Science explained the ability of the Botlink software to show pilots where their drones are, what else is in the air with them, and how to chat with other pilots using the app. The plan is to soon expand the chat feature to communicate with other pilots and even air traffic control.

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July 2, 2015

The Silicon Valley of drones isn’t in California

In a June article, MarketWatch said North Dakota is becoming the hub for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology and provides an interesting history regarding drones in our state.

In 2005, the Grand Forks Air Force Base avoided a shut down by transitioning from single-manned fighter jets to unmanned drones. Now in the summer of 2015, Grand Sky Development Park, the first unmanned-flight airport, is scheduled to open at the base.

The shift to unmanned aircraft has sparked all kinds of development. The University of North Dakota created the first undergraduate degree for unmanned aviation, and the Northern Plains UAS Test Site in Grand Forks was the first such site approved by the FAA and remains the largest of any single state.

In addition, there’s a startup spirit (or “pioneering” spirit as we like to say in North Dakota) akin to the San Francisco tech boom, inspiring companies like Packet Digital and Botlink to develop hardware and software for the future of the drone industry.

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AgFunderNews highlights Botlink advantages for farmers

The Botlink drone operations platform will have particular advantages for farmers and ranchers, according to AgFunderNews.

Botlink’s photo stitching, cloud-based data storage and power management hardware will enable ag producers to monitor more acreage between charges with four-times added efficiency.

In addition, the intuitive drag-and-drop flight control interface on smartphones and tablets offers real-time aircraft overlays and geofencing tools to keep drones over the owner’s land and away from tree rows, wind turbines, other planes or obstacles.

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Washington Times features Botlink, N.D. drone industry

The unmanned aircraft industry is growing so quickly in North Dakota that two Fargo companies almost signed their recent merger deal on a napkin.

That’s how the Washington Times described the genesis of Botlink LLC, the new joint venture between Packet Digital LLC and Aerobotic Innovations. Read the full article.

June 8, 2015

Drone Focus Conference builds industry buzz

Momentum is mounting behind North Dakota’s drone industry and its launch point may have been the Drone Focus Conference at the Fargo Jet Center, Wednesday, June 3.

Packet Digital was one of about 130 developers, pilots, engineers, farmers, legislators, students and members of the public in attendance to learn about the rapidly growing business of drones.

Packet Digital’s new partner, Botlink LLC, helped organize the event and Packet Digital CEO Terri Gunn Zimmerman and Botlink COO Shawn Muehler offered a Q&A session to discuss our new joint venture and the capabilities of the upcoming Botlink platform.

Terri even won a new drone (which we’re hoping she brings to the office so we can fly it)!

In case you missed it, we hope you’ll attend the Drone Focus Conference 2016, which has already been scheduled for June 1 next year. Watch for more updates from Emerging Prairie, Botlink or this website. #DroneFocus

June 5, 2015

Packet Digital and Aerobotic Innovations form Botlink LLC

N.D. companies join forces to raise $15M for drone software & hardware platform

Packet Digital LLC, a power management company, and Aerobotic Innovations LLC, a drone control software company, have together formed Botlink LLC to raise $15 million to launch the first software and hardware platform for extended drone flight control and data processing.

“Bringing Botlink’s drone control and safety software together with Packet Digital’s efficient drone hardware creates the most robust and powerful cloud-based operations platform in the industry,” Packet Digital CEO Terri Gunn Zimmerman said. “Botlink’s goal is to help users stay in the air much longer ﹘ up to four times current flight times ﹘ while collecting and distributing data in real time and keeping the drone out of dangerous airspace.”

Botlink LLC will first combine efforts and technologies on its cellular drone communications device that allows real-time collection of data from the drone back to the user’s mobile device or computer, as well as facilitating beyond-line-of-site drone control, all through existing cellular networks.

Shawn Meuhler, CEO of Aerobotic Innovations, said the newly formed Botlink LLC will accelerate time to market by leveraging the experience and expertise of both companies.

“Terri’s business experience and her team’s hardware knowledge are the perfect compliments to our strong aviation and software background,” Meuhler said.

Zimmerman will serve as Botlink’s CEO and Meuhler as COO.

Aerobotic Innovations is an experienced team of military and professional pilots, software developers, electrical engineers and communicators on a mission to create the world’s safest and most secure drone operations platform. Botlink’s cloud-based platform features fully-automated drone control with manual drag-and-drop hand flying from your smartphone or tablet. Control is coupled with real-world safety features to include real-time and near real-time manned and unmanned aircraft overlays with aircraft avoidance alerts and traffic advisories, as well as airspace advisory warnings on controlled airspace. Airspace within the application features 100% regulation compliance and includes temporary flight restrictions, active military operation areas and restricted airspace.

June 3, 2015

Proud to celebrate Pi Day

Packet Digital celebrated Pi Day (3.14.15) one day early with a pie bake-off on Friday, March 13th. We’re proud to be part of a community of engineers, academics and students who recognize the significance of the mathematical constant pi in our everyday lives. Read more about the “Pi Day of the century” in the Fargo Forum.

March 16, 2015

Dan Olsen has big plans for Packet Digital

Our new VP of Sales & Marketing, Dan Olsen, plans to use his experience to help Packet Digital and our clients in Silicon Valley and across the world. Read more about him in the Fargo Forum.

February 27, 2015

North Dakota: “The Drone Test State”

The Peace Garden State might be adding a new nickname thanks to FAA approval that opens up two-thirds of the state to drone testing and makes North Dakota its largest drone test site. Read how North Dakota companies like Packet Digital are taking charge over Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Emerging Prairie and Tech Crunch.

February 18, 2015