Packet Digital, LLC

The Packet Digital team has real-world experience in many areas of electronics design and is ready to help you take your design from back-of-the-napkin idea to working prototype. We are also able to help you lower power consumption and improve the performance of your existing design. See our services brochure for an overview of our offerings and talk to an expert today. Below are some of the areas where Packet Digital is well-suited to assist you.

Packet Digital power management die

ASIC Design

  • Analog and mixed signal designs
  • Switching and linear voltage regulators
  • Low power design
  • RTL coding in Verilog/SystemVerilog/VHDL
  • Testbench development
  • Metric driven verification methodologies
  • Verilog-AMS mixed signal and real number modeling

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  • FPGA implementation using devices from leading vendors
  • RTL coding in Verilog/SystemVerilog/VHDL

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Evaluation Board

PCB and Circuit Design

  • Architecture Definition
  • Quick turn prototypes, professional evaluation boards
  • Circuit design, schematic, layout, and simulation
  • FPGA and CPLD based designs
  • Circuit debug, troubleshooting, optimization, and solutions

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Software activities

Software Design

  • LabVIEW measurement and control
  • Embedded Linux
  • Embedded systems firmware and RTL
  • Python scripting, data processing, and control
  • Third party benchmarking and custom benchmark design

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Demonstration Systems

  • Ruggedized product demonstration systems
  • Intuitive interfaces to show off your product
  • Telemetry, instrumentation, and graphical interfaces
  • Shippable enclosures

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Instrumented gaming system

Measurement and Test

  • Custom cost-effective test solutions for integrated circuits and PCB assemblies
  • Instrumentation, data acquisition, and analysis
  • System-wide power assessment, diagnostics, efficiency
  • Signal and power integrity
  • Thermal analysis and testing
  • Real-time measurement display and logging

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Bottom Line:

Packet Digital has the skill, expertise, and commitment to make your design a success. Contact us today to see how we can work together!