Packet Digital, LLC

Extended Endurance Unmanned Aircraft Systems

We take a multi-tiered approach to manage power distribution and improve the time your unmanned aircraft stays aloft. Our extended endurance system includes sophisticated Power Management and Distribution (PMAD), smart battery, speed and torque motor control and soaring algorithms. We've already doubled flight times in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), but why stop there?

Power Management and Delivery (PMAD)

We're leveraging our experience developing On-Demand Power® and PowerSage® PMICs to deliver intelligent power management for UAS.

  • Target efficiency of 90-95% for typical loads
  • Comprehensive instrumentation and data collection (UAS "black box")
  • Power distribution among battery, propulsion, avionics, servos, payloads and optional solar/MPPT systems

Smart Battery

Maximizing battery longevity and power requires all the cells be monitored and balanced, redistributing charge if necessary.

  • Cell balancing, monitoring and protection built into sub-packs
  • Management system connects sub-packs into a single smart battery
  • In-flight charging circuitry and algorithm for solar applications

Speed and torque motor control

Motor control reduces wasted power and airframe vibration caused by harmonics in the motor drive waveforms. Our algorithm, FPGA, and optimized gate drivers and FETs aim to improve efficiency 5% - significant considering propulsion consumes 98% of UAS power.

Soaring algorithms

Our sophisticated, military-tested soaring algorithm gives us a distinct advantage over competing power solutions, enabling your UAS to fly higher in thermal updrafts on less battery power.

  • GPS and thermal sensors detect thermal air systems
  • Software evaluates thermal quality and communicates with flight controller when to bypass, probe, latch or detach from thermal
  • Improved nighttime flying for solar applications