Packet Digital, LLC


Botlink LLC designs and develops a cloud-based application to safely and simply control drones using a drag-and-drop interface on a smartphone or tablet. Botlink enables communication with air traffic control and other pilots flying nearby, while also helping you process and transmit data whether you operate one aircraft or an entire fleet. Packet Digital is proud to collaborate with this innovative company.

Key Features

  • Aircraft avoidance and assurance through real-time alerts between manned and unmanned aircraft
  • Airspace awareness and 100% regulation compliance with automated advisory warnings on all flight path and flight safety concerns
  • Real-time data distribution through cellular connectivity and cloud-based technology
  • Simple and intuitive drone control from any tablet or smartphone, either beyond line of sight (BLOS) or within eyesight (1600 ft)
  • Efficient power management and solar hardware solutions to extend fly time

Find out more about Botlink products and services at botlink.