Packet Digital, LLC

New Drone Applications

We've only scratched the surface of what Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) can do. What if flights were longer, or perpetual? Might it give you new reason to fly? We started a list of possible uses. We'd like you to add more.

Law enforcement and first responders

  • Increase range of rapid response
  • Evidence collection, surveillance
  • Out of harm's way

Construction and Infrastructure

  • Surveying and 3D modeling
  • Monitor transmission lines, roads and assets
  • Remote Wi-Fi hotspots

Precision agriculture

  • Monitor crops and livestock
  • Moisture and climate analysis
  • Weed and pest control

Natural Resources and Conservation

  • Resources mapping
  • Wildlife surveys and reports
  • Minimal environmental impact


  • News and sports broadcasting
  • Satellite augmentation