Packet Digital, LLC

PowerSage® systems run cooler

Thermal management is a key challenge in the electronics industry. Designing fans and other coolant components that take up less space and drain less power is a constant focus. Packet Digital believes the problem of thermal management is best solved by not generating heat to begin with.

Because only the minimum amount of power is consumed when needed, PowerSage systems run cooler. When this type of heat reduction is applied in larger systems like data centers where as much as half of operating costs goes to air conditioning, the savings can be substantial.

With PowerSage:

  • Reduced power dissipation decreases the issues of thermal management and has a direct correlation to less heat being generated.
  • Circuits may not throttle when overheating and may continue to operate at maximum clock frequencies.
  • Heat sinks and heat spreaders may be eliminated, lowering the weight, size, and cost of portable electronic devices.
  • System reliability and life time expectancy is increased due to less heat being generated.