Packet Digital, LLC
mobile feature demand
Consumer demands for functionality continue to increase

People are buying electronic devices at a rapidly increasing pace. According to Prismark Partners, LLC, global electronics market research firm, there will be over two billion devices sold annually this year. Consumers will continue to expect more features in smaller, sleeker devices. Mobile phones now take pictures, play music, and surf the Internet. Consumers are demanding more functionality while battery life continues to be a customer satisfaction issue. To address dissatisfaction with battery life, breakthrough improvements in power management are needed. To address dissatisfaction with battery life, Packet Digital developed its patented On-Demand Power® technology and PowerSage® integrated circuits.

Packet Digital understands that energy in an electronic system is best used only when and where it's needed. By taking a real-time systems approach to power management, Packet Digital developed its patented On-Demand Power technology and PowerSage, an intelligent integrated circuit that monitors an entire system and distributes power only when needed by using dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. Through this innovative approach, PowerSage significantly extends battery life in portable electronic devices.

PowerSage also improves the performance of systems in many applications, such as cell phones, laptops, servers and communications equipment. Additionally, PowerSage can replace multiple components - driving reductions in device cost, weight and size.

PowerSage crosses traditional power management boundaries by:

  • Regulating voltage in a single power management unit, or in distributed components
  • Managing power sequencing
  • Providing "power good" and "power soft" reset indicators
  • Ensuring power integrity
  • Managing sleep and standby modes and providing clock and power gating
  • Offering independent or coordinated dynamic voltage and frequency scaling

Beyond reducing power consumption, PowerSage systems produce less heat, decreasing the need for cooling components which consume space and battery power. In addition, Power Sage systems produce less radio noise, which benefits the cell phone industry by expanding signal-to-noise ratios.

Benefits of PowerSage®:

  • Monitors activity across an entire system, delivering power only when needed
  • Controls clocks and supply voltages in real-time, system-wide, outside the microprocessor
  • Reduces the costs, weight and size of consumer electronic devices
  • Decreases time-to-market based on intelligent power design