Packet Digital, LLC

On-Demand Power® adds intelligence to power distribution

The conventional approach to power management calls for reducing the energy demand or improving the efficiency of energy delivery. Even leading solutions with dynamic voltage scaling tend to target the processor, which may not be the dominant energy user in the system. In addition, optimizing the processor may cause issues with the regulators, which could negate any energy gains.

By asking how entire systems, not just individual components, could work more efficiently, Packet Digital developed its patented On-Demand Power® technology that adds intelligence to power distribution. On-Demand Power® offers a hardware-based approach, which provides greater accuracy and uses less energy than competitors' software-based approaches.

On-Demand Power® goes beyond dynamic power management solutions by:

  • Monitoring power usage across all components in a system, not just the CPU
  • Reducing overall system power usage, instead of simply shutting components off when they're not in use

On-Demand Power® offers advanced power management across platforms, operating systems, and devices, including digital music players, laptops, mobile phones, cameras and ultra mobile PCs. On-Demand Power®:

  • Monitors activity across an entire system, delivering just-in-time, just-as-much power only when needed
  • Controls clocks and supply voltages in real-time, system-wide, outside the microprocessor
  • Reduces the cost, weight and size of consumer electronic devices
  • Decreases time-to-market based on intelligent power design

To learn more about how Packet Digital can help you leverage On-Demand Power® technology to improve the power efficiency of your application, please contact us.